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look! gorillafish!

2007-12-23 20:51:05 by PandaMime

oh no!

EDIT: here's a better one

look! gorillafish!

Cavity search

2007-08-25 20:41:20 by PandaMime

Listen to the Muzak
Hearin' people scream
Sittin' in the waiting room
Readin' crappy magazines
With a toothache
This is it, pal
Root Canal

My molars are impacted
I'm gettin' gum disease
I'm gonna need some fillings
Got twelve cavities
Can you help me
Have mercy
Doctor, please

My teeth are a fright
Got a huge overbite
Numb me, drill me
Floss me, bill me

You jab at my nerve endings
It's driving me insane
Just give me nitrous oxide
Shoot me up with novocaine
Help me out here
'Cause I'm in severe

Please stop for a bit
Let me rinse and spit
Numb me, drill me
Floss me, bill me

You validate my parking
I think that I'm okay
But you make one more appointment for
A week from Saturday
'Cause you came upon
A little problem on
My x-ray
Oy vey!

Its getting absurd
Well I hope I'm insured, now
Numb me, drill me
Floss me, bill me


2007-08-16 17:11:27 by PandaMime

hmmmm :3



2007-08-12 22:37:01 by PandaMime

G'night everyone.

Banned >:U

2007-08-06 19:55:39 by PandaMime

Just got banned (i think a thread I posted in was destroyed)
anyway, is there any way in the new layout to find out which mod banned me? it used to say.

It's only for a day thughoghoidghhhouu

Banned >:U

Simpson's movie!

2007-07-27 22:40:30 by PandaMime

I just saw the simpson's movie with a couple of friends.
Man, did it blow away my expectations.
I'm not saying that it was a fantastic movie, but I expected it to be a piece of shit, and it was actually really funny!
Pro's: opening scene, it was truly classic
humor: all of the jokes and humor in the movie really worked, as far as I remember
voice acting: as always, great job by a really small amount of people (only like 8 ppl do voice acting for the simson's)
animation: some of the environments were rather bare but the 3d stuff looked great.
itchy and scratchy/ slideshow mel: nice to see these characters =)
Cons: storyline: it was rather bare at times
no sideshow bob: why? why no sideshow bob?
no school scenes: the school is hilarious!
too short: 1:30 is too short for such a good movie

Anyway, I liked it muchly.


2007-07-26 15:00:21 by PandaMime

Heyeheya NG!
I like newgrounds and I like drawing.
Anyone else play football?
the best game ever (and it's free, too!)