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Simpson's movie!

2007-07-27 22:40:30 by PandaMime

I just saw the simpson's movie with a couple of friends.
Man, did it blow away my expectations.
I'm not saying that it was a fantastic movie, but I expected it to be a piece of shit, and it was actually really funny!
Pro's: opening scene, it was truly classic
humor: all of the jokes and humor in the movie really worked, as far as I remember
voice acting: as always, great job by a really small amount of people (only like 8 ppl do voice acting for the simson's)
animation: some of the environments were rather bare but the 3d stuff looked great.
itchy and scratchy/ slideshow mel: nice to see these characters =)
Cons: storyline: it was rather bare at times
no sideshow bob: why? why no sideshow bob?
no school scenes: the school is hilarious!
too short: 1:30 is too short for such a good movie

Anyway, I liked it muchly.


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2007-07-28 18:08:53

No comments!


2007-07-30 20:58:03

Meh.. guess I gotta go see it eventually >.>; Since everyone says it's pretty good

PandaMime responds:



2007-07-31 06:21:34

Yeah, I agree it was pretty short. They should've made it longer and included more of some of the classic characters. It was way better than I expected though.


2007-08-05 20:37:40

It needed more Principal Skinner

PandaMime responds:

and more school, yes yes!